Repentance is almost a church term that we use but may not know much about.  For the last few weeks at Maranatha Baptist Fellowship we have looked a REPENTANCE.  Repentance is something that is required if you and I as believers in Jesus Christ expect to be used by God.  You and I were created by God for a very unique and very good purpose.  God has gifted each and everyone of us for a very specific purpose.  But if we are unwilling to repent from the sin in our lives then we will never be used by God for that purpose.  
The problem is that we begin a personal relationship with Christ, and because we live in a fallen world, we sin.  We become dirty, like a dirty dish at that point.  If we never repent from that sin which is to allow the Holy Spirit to begin to get ride of the junk in our lives then we will continue to be just like that dirty dish.  The dirty dish can no longer be used to be make good food.  It is the washing process that must happen for the dish to be clean again and then to be used again.  It is through repentance that you and I are cleaned by the Holy Spirit.
REPENT is a verb, there must be action associated with this word.  If there is no action to your repentance then it is not repentance you are doing.  For repentance to happen there must be action, I know I said that twice but you and I need to understand that.  Repentance is more than just feeling bad about the sin in our life, it is more than just confessing the sin in our life, it is more than asking forgiveness, it is more than saying sorry.  Repentance is an action word and that means that you stop the sin in your life and go the opposite direction.  You must put physical action to your cry to God.  If you repent from a sin, then you stop doing it and run in the opposite direction of that sin which will lead your right back to Jesus!
Repentance is more than a one time deal in your walk with Jesus.  Continue to repent from the sin in your life so that you can be a cleansed vessel.  When you are a cleansed vessel you can be used by God for the good work He wants to do through you.  That good work is the sharing of the Gospel to the lost.  You and I repent so that we can be prepared to be used by God to share the Gospel with the lost people that you and I know and that you and I come into contact with each and everyday.
Repent, turn from the sin in your life and seek the Lord!