What is Revival, how do we start a Revival, how do we know when we are in Revival.  Those are questions that we as believers have wrestled with for sometime.  See there used to be a time when Revival was scheduled and we would have Revival for a week at a time.  Revival is a time of spiritual renewing and refreshment.  It is a time as the John the Author of Revelations would call us to return to our first love.  If ever there was a time for Revival it is now!  You and I cannot start a Revival that alone is the work of the Holy Spirit.  We can however be obedient to join in the Revival.  
Church Revival will begin when we as believers cry our to Jesus to revive us, to refresh us, to renew our hearts, and then when we are obedient to God moving in our lives.  Psalms 85:6 is a prayer for us.  If you believe now is a time for Revival in our world, our nation, our state, our city, and our community then it is time that as a believer in Jesus Christ that you begin to cry out to Jesus, and that you become obedient to God moving in your life.
How do you start a revival someone once asked British Evangelist Gypsy Smith. He replied “ If you want to start a revival, go home ,take a piece of chalk. Go into your closet and draw a circle on the floor. Kneel down in the middle of the circle and ask God to start a revival within the chalk mark. When He answers your prayer , the revival has begun.”
So I would encourage you with just that, go and find a piece of chalk and draw a circle somewhere in your house and stand in it and cry out to the Lord!  Cry out for refreshment, and revival to start with everything in that circle first.